Carlube QFD300 Diesel Complete Fuel System Cleaner 300ml

Carlube Total Fuel System Cleaner is a powerful formulation containing additives designed to rapidly remove fuel deposits and the associated problems they cause in Diesel vehicles. In just one tank of fuel dosed with Total Fuel System Cleaner, significant amounts of deposits are removed in a wide range of Diesel vehicles.


  • Improved, rapid cleaning of complete fuel injection system for optimum performance
  • Increases cetane number of fuel for improved combustion
  • Assists in reducing the potential for increased emission output
  • Helps restore fuel economy and engine performance lost by build-up of engine deposits
  • Prevents and removes damaging components that cause power loss, rough running and injector failure.


Simply add entire contents to a full tank of Diesel. Treats up to 50 litres. For best results, use every fill up.


QFD300 - 300ml

Part No. QFD300
300ml 6 0000050043251
2.00 L8.9 x W3.7 x H19.7
Safety Data Sheet   Click Here (310KB)
Product Information Sheet   Click Here (328KB)
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